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A3806 A3807 A3808 Octagon Acrylic Award
  • A3806 A3807 A3808 Octagon Acrylic Award
  • A3806-7-8 Acrylic - Blank

Acrylic Octagon Award


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Quick Overview

Our Acrylic Octagon Award features a 3/4" thick octagon acrylic piece for engraving personalization mounted on an acrylic base.

A3806 = 6" x 6.75" Size (Weighs 1.2 lbs)
A3807 = 7" x 7.75" Size (Weighs 1.4 lbs)
A3808 = 8" x 8.75" SIze (Weighs 2 lbs)

Octagons surround us in life. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) uses an octagon as a fighting area; many video games and online games use octagons; and probably the most common octagon is the red “STOP” sign at intersections. However, only exceptional people see one particular octagon: our Acrylic Octagon Award! Anchored to a translucent acrylic base, this beautiful accolade has a diamond cut acrylic plate. Its many facets surround the edge of the octagon, and light refracts through the transparent ¾” plate. Our talented graphic artists will use laser technology to engrave artwork and up to eight lines of text on this wonderful award. Available in three sizes (A3806 = 6" x 6.75", A3807 = 7" x 7.75", and A3808 = 8" x 8.75"), we are sure one size is sure to fit your needs and your budget! Please specify the size you wish when ordering one of these delightful awards! Present our exceptional Acrylic Octagon Award to one of the deserving, exceptional people you know in your association, business, or group.

Additional Information
Standard DescriptionFree Laser Engraving
No. of Lines8
Plate Height5
Plate Width5

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Acrylic Octagon Award

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