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  • Gold Floating Diamond
  • AFD1012GD Acrylic Diamond - Blank

Gold Floating Diamond Acrylic Award


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Quick Overview

Gold accented acrylic diamond. Elegant 1" black acrylic base with blue mirrored surface produces a stunning look.

AFD10GD = 9" x 10" Size
AFD11GD = 9" x 11" Size
AFD12GD = 9" x 12" Size

Ancient writings of the Greeks talk about diamonds actually being tears of the gods. Romans spoke of diamonds as being splinters of different falling stars. In recent years diamonds have become know more to us as a stature of power and excellence. At Hit Trophy we know that diamond shaped awards are saved only for the highest ranking people who have had the most success in whatever they may doing. If you want to reward someone for their hard work and dedication, make sure you do it first class. Order any of these AFD10GD, AFD11GD or AFD12GD gold diamond acrylic award from HitTrophy.com and they will be sure to present it proudly on their mantle or desk. I'm not sure if we can bring "tears from the gods", but I am guessing that anyone you give this acrylic trophy to will be brought to tears.

Additional Information
Standard DescriptionFree Laser Engraving
No. of Lines8
Plate Height7
Plate Width4

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Gold Floating Diamond Acrylic Award

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