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ART111 Round Watercolors Acrylic
  • ART111 Round Watercolors Acrylic
  • ART112 Round Watercolors Acrylic

Round Watercolor Acrylic Award


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Quick Overview

Our Round Watercolor Acrylic Award features a 3/8" thick round acrylic piece for engraving with a "watercolor" border, all mounted on a black acrylic base.

ART111 = 5" x 6.25" Size
ART112 = 6" x 7.25" Size

Do you remember the “Flower Children” of the 1960’s? They set out to change the world, and they have in so many ways. Besides just tie-dye shirts and psychedelic music, they gave us so much more. With their courageous spirit, they marched for Women’s Rights, protested for Civil Rights to Minorities, and raised awareness about the planet’s ecology. That spirit to achieve great things still exists in our associations, businesses, and schools, and we offer a great way to reward it: our Round Watercolor Acrylic Award. A round tie-dye border encircles an ebony engraving plate made of 3/8” acrylic. It provides ample space for artwork and text. Our engraving specialists can place up to six lines of text on the plate. We have two sizes available for order: ART111 = 5" x 6.25" and ART112 = 6" x 7.25". Either size makes a great tribute to those people with the courage to change the world around them.

Additional Information
Standard DescriptionFree Laser Engraving
No. of Lines6
Plate Height3.5
Plate Width3.5

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Round Watercolor Acrylic Award

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