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Serve And Protect Plaque With Rounded Corners
  • Serve And Protect Plaque With Rounded Corners

Serve And Protect Rounded Plaque


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Quick Overview

Serve And Protect Plaque With Rounded Corners features a cast iron scene of a fireman saving a child with an engraving plate for personalization.

AT5 = 9" x 12" Size (Weighs 2.5 lbs)

Firefighter plaques are always special because they are made in honor of those who save our lives from fire without caring about their own. The Serve and Protect Rounded Plaque has the essence of the good work they do and it can be given to any firefighter to honor their spirit and can even be given to someone for his or her bravery. This wooden plaque has rounded edges which make it a bit different in look. In the middle of the plaque you will find the sculpture of the firefighter climbing up the ladder and embossed words "to serve and protect". The plaques are 12" in height and 9” in width. You will also get a 2.5"x 6" space to engrave your logo and text. When you buy this item from Hit Trophy, you get the assurance of best quality product with free laser engraving.

Additional Information
Standard DescriptionFree Laser Engraving
No. of Lines6
Plate Height2.5
Plate Width6

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Serve And Protect Rounded Plaque

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