Green Acrylic Art Award


Our Green Acrylic Art Award features a black acrylic piece for laser engraving with a contemporary green border, all placed in a black iron stand for presentation.

VPX811H-A-GN = 7.75″ Size (Acrylic is 4.5×4.5)
VPX811H-B-GN = 10.5″ Size (Acrylic is 6×6)
VPX811H-C-GN = 12.5″ Size (Acrylic is 7.5×7.5)

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Green is one of those colors that can have negative as well as positive ideas associated with it. Take for instance “green with envy”, “green around the gills” or the “green-eyed monster”. On the other hand, positive ideas can also be linked to the color green, like having a “green thumb”, getting the “green light” to do something, or best of all having some “green folding money” in your pocket. We believe more good green things exist than bad. Our Green Acrylic Art Award is a great example. Surrounded by a green border, an acrylic square acts as the body of the award. The ebony award’s face has plenty of room for engraving. Our graphic designers can place logos, emblems, or mascots on the face of the accolade as well as lines of text. Our engraving is always free of charge. Available in three sizes (VPX811H-A-GN = 7.75 tall, VPX811H-B-GN = 10.5″ tall, VPX811H-C-GN = 12.5″ tall), our Green Acrylic Art Award will save you some green while presenting a quality award.

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