Carbon Fiber Glass Arrow


Our Carbon Fiber Glass Arrow Award features a 1/4" thick "glass arrow" with a full color carbon fiber look that can be personalized with our free laser engraving. Item is stood up by metal pin at the bottom.

GL127CF = 5" x 7" Size (Weighs .75 lbs)

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As archaeological artifacts, primitive arrowheads are an important window into how human civilization progressed. The artifacts were first made of bone, but then later wood and finally stone. Now, we offer a new arrowhead made of glass. Our Carbon Fiber Glass Arrow award (item GL127CF) is a great way to reward those people who keep making major contributions whether it is at a school system, a business, or your local service association. Propped up on a single metal pin, the arrowhead shaped glass contains the unique look of carbon fiber. Measuring 5" x 7", this unique glass award has plenty of room for personalization. Our engraving artists will etch your free of charge. Today, human civilization keeps marching forward, and it does it because of the people who surround you in your daily life. Reward their contributions with a Carbon Fiber Glass Arrow from us!

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Weight3 lbs
Dimensions5 × 7 in
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