Rust Glass Octagon Award


Our Rust Glass Octagon Award features an octagon shaped glass piece with a full color "rust" look to it that can be laser engraved with a frosted white color.

GL126RU = 5" x 7" Size (Weighs 1 lb)

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Dog tags have been worn by military personnel since World War I. They have come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending upon the country and time period, but in general, soldiers and seamen have worn these identification tags for over one hundred years. Usually made from noncorrosive materials, really old dog tags would still tarnish as they aged. Now we offer our Rust Glass Octagon Award to honor those members of the military who have served their country bravely. Similar to the shape of a weathered U.S. service members ID tag, our octagon shaped piece of glass contains a hole in it, just like the hole in dog tags for their supporting chain. Our award stands 5” x 7” and provides enough room for engraved artwork, such as the emblem for a branch of service or a logo for s specific unit. Our graphic artists will use laser technology to engrave any artwork and up to six lines of text for free. This award is beautiful enough to present to any outstanding person: military or civilian! Order your Rust Glass Octagon Award (item GL126RU) today!

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Weight3 lbs
Dimensions5 × 7 in
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