Painted Acrylic Plaque


This Painted Acrylic Plaque features a 1/4" thick black acrylic engraving plate suspended above the blue acrylic plaque. This plaque can be hung or stood up both vertically & horizontally.

FAC3810 = 8" x 10" Size
FAC3912 = 9" x 12" Size

Customize Design

No Engraving Needed

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Our painted acrylic plaque is one of the best that we offer in terms of flexibility for events. The plaque can be awarded for any occasion or achievement, or simply just to let somebody know that they are special to you. Featuring a 1/4" thick acrylic engraving plate mounted on the colorful acrylic plaque, the customization that can be added to this award is limitless. There are two sizes available; you can choose from the FAC3810, which is 8" x 10", or the FAC3912, which measures 9" x 12". The award can be hung or stood up both vertically and horizontally, making the option for customizing it even more possible. Our specialist technicians will engrave any message that you wish to present to the recipient free of charge with the purchase of the award. If someone you hold close to you has made a significant achievement or deserves some recognition, why not present them with an award that they can cherish forever?

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