Deluxe Blue Glass Plaque


Our Blue Glass Plaque features a 1/4″ thick glass with a blue area for engraving and a silver metal peg for standing the plaque which can be stood vertically or horizontally.

(**This plaque cannot be hung)

G2726 = 6″ x 8″ Size (Weighs 1.9 lbs)
G2727 = 7″ x 9″ Size (Weighs 2.4 lbs)
G2728 = 8″ x 10″ Size (Weighs 3 lbs)

Customize Design

No Engraving Needed

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“Song Sung Blue” was Neil Diamond’s second song to hit Number One on the Billboard charts. The song went on to be nominated for two Grammy Awards in 1973. Although our Blue Glass Plaque may never receive two Grammy Awards or go to number one on the Billboard charts, we are sure it will be number one in the lucky recipient’s heart. This simple and unpretentious plaque is capable of standing vertically or horizontally thanks to the silver peg that comes with it. The square, silver frame holds a ¼” thick pane of blue glass, and our talented design team will engrave any artwork you have into the glass. Up to eight lines of text will fit the plaque, and all engraving comes free of charge. Available in three sizes (G2726 = 6″ x 8″, G2727 = 7″ x 9″, and G2728 = 8″ x 10″), this plaque makes a perfect way to reward anyone for a job well done. Present our Blue Glass Plaque to all the deserving recipients you know, and their songs sung blue will become happy tunes!

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Dimensions 6 × 8 in
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