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ART279 Stained Glass Acrylic Plaque
  • ART279 Stained Glass Acrylic Plaque
  • ART2810 Stained Glass Acrylic Plaque
  • ART2912 Stained Glass Acrylic Plaque

Stained Glass Acrylic Plaque


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Quick Overview

Our Stained Glass Acrylic Plaque features a black acrylic area for engraving with "stained glass" highlights on each side of the plaque. These plaques can be hung on a wall or stood on a desk.

ART279 = 7" x 9" Size
ART2810 = 8" x 10" Size
ART2912 = 9" x 12" Size

L. C. Tiffany introduced an iridescent art glass, which he used for blown vases, lampshades, etc. Tiffany glass became synonymous with stained glass in the early 20th century, and it is still highly regarded today. Our Stained Glass Acrylic Plaque takes this interest in Tiffany glass and applies it to a wonderful award. An ebony acrylic area rests between two stained glass highlights. Our skilled designers will place up to eight lines of text on the black engraving plate. Corporate emblems, business logos, and other graphics may also be engraved on the plate. All engraving is included in the price. Available in three sizes, ART279 = 7" x 9", ART2810 = 8" x 10", and ART2912 = 9" x 12", this unique plaque will surely please any recipient. This magnificent plaque may be hung on the wall or stood on a bookshelf for all to admire like Tiffany glass of the 20th century.

Additional Information
Standard DescriptionFree Laser Engraving
No. of Lines8
Plate Height7
Plate Width5

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Stained Glass Acrylic Plaque

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