If you’re a follower of Hit Trophy’s “Hit Topics” blog, then you’ve read many times over that our goal is to bring our customers the best engraved awards possible along with the best customer service imaginable. We believe that this way of thinking is one of the many reasons that we have been in business for close to 50 years now, but you don’t have to take our word for it. See what the Better Business Bureau has to say about Hit Trophy & HitTrophy.com.

While we’ve been in business for almost half a century now, it wasn’t until 2007 that we decided to join the Better Business Bureau. Sure, all of our local customers knew that we provide great plaques, awards and trophies along with excellent customer service, but how would someone from San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, Miami or New York know that? The fact is, the best comfort that we could give our internet customers prior to their first orders with us were a few online testimonials from other internet customers. We would have people call our business all the time just to make sure that we were for real. Don’t get me wrong, we had absolutely no problem with the calls, but we knew that something had to be done to communicate our professionalism to future customers. That’s when we decided to make the jump to the BBB.

Since 2007 Hit Trophy has been a trusted member of the BBB. Throughout our membership we have always received an A+ Rating from the BBB. In fact, throughout our 4 years with them we haven’t even had a single complaint made. The lack of a single complaint along with our A+ rating is a testament to our dedication to high quality awards and unlimited customer service. We think that our BBB rating speaks for itself, but if you’re looking for further reviews or testimonials then be sure to check out our Testimonials Page today!