Sports Awards

Hit Trophy offers a great selection of various sports awards and trophies, all of which our skilled design team will personalize for free. Choose to reward your players of either basketball, football, hockey, soccer, golf, baseball, volleyball, wrestling, or cheer leading with our many designs of sports trophies, plaques, and desk accessories. The great prices and the quality of these awards really stand out from other websites that you’ll find online. You’ll also notice that we offer free setup, free digital proof prior to production and free laser engraving on all orders. Even better yet, if your order goes over $100 then you’ll receive free shipping to anywhere in the contiguous United States. As you can see we have no hidden fees or charges and we have everything covered for you because we’ve been doing this since 1964, so place your order with confidence and we’ll start processing with our great customer service!

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  • Crystal Soccer Ball Award CRY152

    10" Optical Crystal Soccer Ball Award

  • CRY13 CRY14 CRY15

    3-D Golfer Crystal Golf Trophy

  • CRY167M Golf Trophy

    3D Golfer Trophy

  • Acrylic Golf Award Trophy DT322B

    Acrylic Golf Award Trophy

  • Baseball Batter Statue Trophy RFB041

    Baseball Batter Statue Trophy

  • RFB028 Baseball Pedestal Trophy

    Baseball Pedestal Trophy

  • Baseball Pitcher Statue Trophy RFB041

    Baseball Pitcher Statue Trophy

  • RFB308 Baseball Statue

    Baseball Statue with Glass Plate

  • Basketball Display Case ALS41

    Basketball Display Case

  • RFB024 Basketball Trophy

    Basketball Pedestal Trophy

  • Basketball Statue Trophy RFB019

    Basketball Statue Trophy

  • RFB298 Basketball Statue

    Basketball Statue with Glass Plate

  • Boys Basketball Award CRY1211

    Boys Basketball Award

  • Boys Soccer Award CRY1214

    Boys Soccer Award

  • Whistle Trophy RFB030

    Bronze Whistle Trophy

  • RFB073 Golf Statue Trophy

    Celebration Golf Statue

  • Championship Basketball Trophy 1146

    Championship Basketball Trophy

  • Championship Football Trophy 1142

    Championship Football Trophy

  • Championship Soccer Trophy 1147

    Championship Soccer Trophy

  • Championship Volleyball Trophy LC49B

    Championship Volleyball Trophy

  • Cheerleading Trophy CRY1292

    Cheerleading Trophy CRY1292

  • Closest to the Pin Trophy RFG531

    Closest To The Pin Trophy

  • CRY145S Golf Trophy

    Contemporary Crystal Golf Trophy

  • G1502 Golf Statue Trophy

    Copper Golf Statue

  • CRY026L Golf Trophy

    CRY026 Series Golf Trophy

  • CRY146M Golf Trophy

    CRY146 Silver Metal Golfer

  • CRY147 Golf Trophy

    CRY147 Silver Metal Golfer

  • CRY148 Golf Trophy

    CRY148 Silver Metal Golfer

  • CRY149 Golf Trophy

    CRY149 Silver Metal Golfer

  • CRY308 Golf Trophy

    CRY308 Golf Arch Trophy