Tom Wyse

President & CEO

Tom Wyse has been working for Hit Trophy for 45 years now and he has a vast knowledge of the engraved awards industry. Over the years he has worked his way up the chain of command until 1995 when he became the CEO & President of Hit Trophy. Now Tom is the leader of an experienced team that is dedicated to bringing our customers the best engraved awards with excellent customer service.

Abe Wyse

Head of Online Sales & Marketing

Abe Wyse has 15 years of experience working in sales for Hit Trophy and he is also making his mark in the family business. Abe is the 3rd generation of family to take part in this business and he not only brings his salesmanship to the table, but he also offers technical, networking and other computer skills. Now Abe is the Head of Online Sales & Marketing and is doing his best to make your experience at HitTrophy.com a great one.

Kelly Schmucker

Office Administrator & Engraving Specialist

Kelly Schmucker has 25 years of experience working with rotary engravers and also communicating with our customers. If you’ve come into our store, most likely she was the first smiling face that you were greeted with. Her vast experience and knowledge gives her the ability to suggest what engraved award would be the correct choice for your next award ceremony. Stop by or give us a call and Kelly will be happy to advise you with your next awards decision.

Brooke Snow

Graphic Design & Sublimation Professional

Brooke Snow has 5 years of experience working with graphic design and the process of sublimation. Brooke also has a strong expertise working with the artwork program Corel Draw and she uses that expertise to produce colorful designs using the Sublimation Process. Over the years Brooke has produced sensational, full-color designs for car show dash plates, athletic plaques, county fair awards & many other award ceremonies.

Kelsey Sevey

Graphic Design & Laser Engraver Technician

Kelsey Sevey has 4 years of experience working with graphics design and laser engraver technologies. She has a strong expertise working with Corel Draw and has become skillful with operatiing our Laser Engravers. She’s also become extremely talented when creating the digital proofs that you receive after you have placed your order with Hit Trophy. Kelsey continues to broaden her knowlege & experience with our products, equipment and software as time goes by.