Acrylic Awards

Acrylic awards can add a modern appeal to any honors ceremony, business conference, or awards presentation. Along with their unique style, our selection offer versatility in recognition that is unmatched. Whether you’re searching for the perfect acrylic award to honor your sales person of the year or the MVP of this year’s baseball team, you’ll find an assortment of excellent distinct accolades to choose from when you shop with us. As you will find, these trophies come in many different shapes, sizes and colors for you to choose from. Some offer a large engraving area for you to add a logo and a lot of verbiage, while others have a smaller imprint area for only a company logo or a person’s name. As you can see, with these accolades the possibilities are endless, so please take a moment to search through our large selection. Hit Trophy has over 20 years of experience in laser engraving, so you can be rest assured that when you place an order with us your personalized award will be made to your exact specifications.

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  • DT236 Flame Acrylic Award

    Acrylic Flame Award

  • A3806 A3807 A3808 Octagon Acrylic Award

    Acrylic Octagon Award

  • Acrylic Shield Award

  • A6585 A6586 A6587

    Acrylic Spire Award

  • DT215 Acrylic Award

    Acrylic Star Column & Plaque

  • KT44847 Acrylic Star Trophy

    Acrylic Star on Oval Base

  • Acrylic Star Paperweight A6730

    Acrylic Star Paperweight

  • DT18 Acrylic Teardrop

    Acrylic Teardrop

  • A5467 A5468 A5469 Acrylic Award

    Apex Series Jade Acrylic Award

  • DT1342C Aqua Acrylic Award

    Aqua Acrylic Award

  • DT1341A DT1341B DT1341C Aqua Acrylic Award

    Aqua Acrylic Award

  • A6520 A6522 A6524 Acrylic Award

    Arch Jade Acrylic Award

  • A6575 Acrylic Award

    Arched Rosewood Acrylic Award

  • A6510 A6512 A6514 Acrylic Award

    Arrow Acrylic Award


    Black & Blue Star


    Black & Gold Star

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Award

    Black & Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Award

  • Black Acrylic Flame Trophy A707012

    Black Acrylic Flame Trophy


    Black Acrylic Star

  • A6820 A6821 A6822 Black Flame Acrylic Award

    Black Flame Acrylic Award

  • Blue Acrylic Flame Trophy A708789

    Blue Acrylic Flame Trophy


    Blue Acrylic Star

  • A7014 A7015 A7016 Acrylic Award

    Blue Acrylic with Jewel Accents

  • A6983, A6984 & A6985 Acrylic Award

    Blue Base Acrylic Award

  • A6918 A6919 A6920

    Blue Bevel Acrylic Award

  • A709789 Blue Constellation Acrylic Award

    Blue Constellation Acrylic Award

  • AWG8BU Acrylic Trophy

    Blue Facet Wedge

  • A6727 A6728 A6729 Acrylic Award

    Blue Flame Acrylic Award

  • AFD10BU, AFD11BU & AFD12BU

    Blue Floating Diamond Acrylic Award

  • iMP135BU Blue Jewel Acrylic Award

    Blue Jewel Acrylic Award