Glass Awards

We’re happy that you are visiting our glass awards page where as you can see, we have a large selection of engraved glass for you to choose from. These engraved glass awards are used for corporate, retirement and many other types of rewards that include fraternity, sorority and other university recognition accolades. And if you’re worried about the quality of these etched items and the engraving that goes along with them, let me put your mind at ease by telling you that we at Hit Trophy have over 15 years of experience in laser engraving. And that of course includes the engraving of these beautiful trophies. As with all our glass awards engraved at, you’ll receive a free digital proof prior to production and once you’ve approved our setup then you’ll receive free engraving on your whole order as well!

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  • ACG13 Diamond Glass Award

    Accented Diamond Glass Award

  • Fan Glass Award ACG21

    Accented Fan Glass Award

  • Flame Glass Award ACG31

    Accented Flame Glass Award

  • Achiever Art Glass Trophy

    Achiever Art Glass Trophy

  • Anemone Glass Art Award 2142

    Anemone Glass Art Award

  • G2605 G2606 G2607 Apex Glass Award

    Apex Glass Award

  • G2250 G2260 G2270 Arch Glass Award

    Arch Glass Award

  • 2264 Arrow Glass Art

    Arrow Shaped Glass Art

  • 2107 Art Glass Disk Award

    Art Glass Disk Award

  • 2123 Globe Art Glass Award

    Art Glass Globe

  • Art Glass Tray DTGL10

    Art Glass Tray Award

  • Beveled Black Glass Trophy G2432

    Beveled Black Glass Trophy

  • Black & Blue Glass Award G2658 & G2659

    Black & Blue Glass Award

  • AGS54 Blue, White & Black Twisted Rain Drop

    Black & Blue Twisted Raindrop

  • AGS05 Black & Gold Coral Glass Art

    Black & Gold Coral

  • AGS25 Curve Glass Art

    Black & Gold Curve

  • Black & Silver Glass Award

    Black And Silver Glass Award

  • Black Diamond Glass Award

    Black Diamond Glass Award

  • Black Glass Award G2906 G2907 G2908

    Black Glass Award on Rosewood

  • G2538 G2539 G2540 Glass Awards

    Black Glass Awards With Gunmetal Base

  • Black Glass Circle Award BK503

    Black Glass Circle Award

  • BK307C Black Glass Dome

    Black Glass Dome

  • G2692 Black Glass Trophy

    Black Glass Silver Posts Award

  • Black Raindrop Glass Art Sculpture GLSC32

    Black Raindrop Glass Art Sculpture

  • Black Sail Glass Award G292456

    Black Sail Glass Award

  • Black Shield Glass Award

  • AGS26 Black Twist Rain Drop

    Black Twist Rain Drop

  • 2255 Blood Glass Art Award

    Blood Drop Art Glass

  • Blue & Violet Art Glass Award

  • 2220 Glass Teardrop

    Blue & Black Glass Teardrop