Eagle Statues

The eagle is very symbolic of the United States of America and the freedoms we have here and there are many things you can do to show your appreciation and patriotism. One way to show your appreciation is by rewarding a deserving military member with an eagle statue or a eagle figurine. With over 15 choices of eagle statues that you are able to customize, these patriotic eagle sculptures are truly unique and will stand out from most other military awards. Each eagle statue is a bronze, electroplated eagle on a black or piano finished rosewood base, and several feature an American flag along with the eagle. Everyone of our eagles statues are highly customizable and engravable to suit your every patriotic needs.

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  • 1293/XL Eagle Statue

    1293/XL Eagle Statue

  • 1295/XL Eagle Statue

    1295/XL Eagle Statue

  • AE380 AE400 AE420 Eagle Statue

    American Eagle Statue On Rosewood Base

  • 1588 Antique Bronze Eagle Statue

    Antique Bronze Eagle Statue

  • RFB110 Eagle Statue

    Bald Eagle Statue With American Flag

  • Bronze Eagle Head Sculpture AE250

    Bronze Eagle Head Sculpture On Black Base

  • RFB535 Eagle Statue

    Bronze Eagle Head Statue On Black Base

  • RFB806 Eagle Statue

    Bronze Eagle Sculpture With Glass Engraving Plate

  • Bronze Eagle Statue

    Bronze Eagle Statue

  • Bronze Eagle Statue RFB800 RFB810 RFB820

    Bronze Eagle Statue With American Flag

  • Crystal American Flag CRY54

    Crystal American Flag

  • CRY045 Crystal Eagle

    Crystal Carved Eagle

  • Crystal Eagle Head CRY322

    Crystal Eagle Head

  • CRY320 Eagle Head

    Crystal Eagle Head Trophy

  • Crystal Eagle Statue K9117

    Crystal Eagle Statue

  • CRY178 Crystal Eagle Trophy

    Crystal Eagle Trophy

  • Double Eagle Head RFB152

    Double Eagle Head

  • Eagle In Flight Statue AE275

    Eagle in Flight

  • Eagle in Flight Statue RFB525

    Eagle in Flight Statue

  • Eagle Landing Sculpture RFB011

    Eagle Landing Sculpture

  • Eagle On Globe RFB157

    Eagle On Globe

  • Eagle on Pentagon AE305

    Eagle on Pentagon

  • 90819-Z 90810-Z 90811-Z

    Eagle Resin Acrylic Award

  • RFB805 Eagle Sculpture With Flag

    Eagle Sculpture With American Flag & Glass Plate

  • Eagle Statue With American Flag RFB138

    Eagle Statue With Rustic Flag

  • Eagle Wings Spread RFB159 RFB160 RFB161

    Eagle Wings Spread

  • AE270 Eagle in Flight Statue

    Eagle with Flag

  • Gold Eagle Head AE210

    Gold Eagle Head Sculpture

  • AE315 Eagle Head Statue

    Gold Eagle Head with American Flag

  • Gold Eagle Statue AE600 AE620

    Gold Eagle Statue