Service Awards & Gifts

Do you have an employee, an organization member or perhaps a military member who has given many years of service and dedication to the cause? If so, then we encourage you to view our large selection of service awards. We have over 150 awards for service that can be personalized with our free engraving that is included with every order that is placed at Some of our best service rewards include our star trophies, crystal globes and wine box sets. Over the years we’ve produced thousands of these service gifts and some of the most popular service awards include our military awards, firefighter awards and our name plates. If you’re not sure what service award that you should order for your recipient, then just browse our collection of service awards and surely you’ll find something for whatever business, organization or department you’re looking to order for.

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  • 1293/XL Eagle Statue

    1293/XL Eagle Statue

  • 1295/XL Eagle Statue

    1295/XL Eagle Statue

  • Acrylic Star Paperweight A6730

    Acrylic Star Paperweight

  • Air Force Seal Plaque HER221

    Air Force Seal Plaque

  • Air Force Airman Statue RFB133

    Air Force Statue

  • AE380 AE400 AE420 Eagle Statue

    American Eagle Statue On Rosewood Base

  • 1588 Antique Bronze Eagle Statue

    Antique Bronze Eagle Statue

  • Army Seal Plaque HER201

    Army Seal Plaque

  • Army Soldier Resin Statue

    Army Statue

  • Silver Name Tags


  • White Name Badge


  • RFB110 Eagle Statue

    Bald Eagle Statue With American Flag

  • Bamboo BBQ Set BBQ02

    Bamboo BBQ Set

  • 556 Black Desk Name Plate

    Black Desk Name Plate

  • G2788 Black Glass Name Plate

    Black Glass Name Plate

  • AP48 AP49 Black Plaque With American Flag Engraving Plate

    Black Plaque With American Flag Engraving Plate

  • Blue Marble Acrylic Name Plate VLX873Y-BL

    Blue Marble Acrylic Name Plate

  • Bronze Eagle Head Sculpture AE250

    Bronze Eagle Head Sculpture On Black Base

  • RFB535 Eagle Statue

    Bronze Eagle Head Statue On Black Base

  • RFB806 Eagle Statue

    Bronze Eagle Sculpture With Glass Engraving Plate

  • Bronze Eagle Statue

    Bronze Eagle Statue

  • Bronze Eagle Statue RFB800 RFB810 RFB820

    Bronze Eagle Statue With American Flag

  • Bronze Firefighter Statue AT13

    Bronze Firefighter Statue

  • Business Card Holder Set 3587G

    Business Card Holder Set

  • 541 Desk Name Plate

    Business Card Holder with Name Plate

  • RFB063 Camouflage Solider Statue

    Camouflage Soldier Statue

  • Crystal American Flag CRY54

    Crystal American Flag

  • CRY045 Crystal Eagle

    Crystal Carved Eagle

  • Crystal Desk Name Plate CRY782

    Crystal Desk Name Plate

  • CRY108 Crystal Diamond

    Crystal Diamond