Military Statues

Chances are you probably know someone who either has served or is currently serving with the United States Military. Without a doubt, that person has shown service, dedication and a love for our country that deserves to be rewarded and recognized. Our top quality engravable military statues are the perfect thing to show your appreciation for what our brothers in arms are doing for us today- serving to protect this beautiful country. Each military figurine shows a soldier in action and is available in sizes up to 14 inches tall. Give the gift that will never be forgotten or under appreciated, give them a personalized military statue that will certainly make any soldier feel rewarded.

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  • Air Force Airman Statue RFB133

    Air Force Statue

  • Army Soldier Resin Statue

    Army Statue

  • RFB063 Camouflage Solider Statue

    Camouflage Soldier Statue

  • Fallen Solider Statue with helmet on gun, boots, American Flag & a place for engraving.

    Fallen Soldier Statue

  • Kneeling Soldier Statue MIL204

    Kneeling Soldier Statue

  • Marine Statue RFB135

    Marine Statue

  • MIL202 Military Statue

    Military Communications Statue

  • MIL198 Military Statue

    Military Patrol Statue

  • Military Star Trophy RFB012

    Military Star Trophy

  • Navy Sailor Statue RFB132

    Navy Statue

  • MIL200 Military Statue

    Recon Soldier Statue

  • MIL203 Soldier Shooting Statue

    Soldier Shooting Statue

  • MIL201 Standing Soldier Statue

    Standing Soldier Statue