Military Awards & Patriotic Gifts

Those who serve in military or public service positions work hard to defend and protect people, and they deserve the very best in awards and recognition. At Hit Trophy, we have over 70 different military awards and patriotic gifts, guaranteeing that you’ll find something just right for your needs. We have specialty plaques featuring the official seals of the army, navy, air force, or marines. If a heroic sculpture is more your style, choose from our large selection of lifelike soldier or eagle statues. We even have top-quality flag display cases to capture the memory of a loved one’s service or to display one’s love of country. Hit Trophy’s Military and Patriotic Awards and Gifts come in all sizes, materials, and finishes: choose from gold, silver, or bronze plating; solid crystal, glass, or acrylic; or walnut or rosewood. When you give one of Hit Trophy’s magnificently crafted military or patriotic gifts, the recipient is sure to feel honored, respected, and appreciated.

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