Military & Patriotic Awards & Gifts

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  • Antique bronze casted eagle statue mounted on walnut base, 1293/XL is 10.75" tall, Weighs 5 lbs

    1293/XL Eagle Statue

  • Antique bronze casted eagle statue on round black base with gold engraving plate, 1295/XL is 9" tall, weighs 4 lbs.

    1295/XL Eagle Statue

  • Stainless steel plaque with engraving plate & air force seal logo, HER221 is 10.5" x 13", Weighs 1.75 lbs.

    Air Force Seal Plaque

  • Bronze Air Force airman with helmet in hand mounted on black base, RFB133 is 3.5" x 11.5", Weighs 3 lbs.

    Air Force Statue

  • Gold eagle statue on rosewood base with gold engraving plate, AE420 is 12", AE400 is 14.5", AE380 is 17"

    American Eagle Statue On Rosewood Base

  • Antique bronze eagle statue mounted on a rosewood base, 1588 is 9.5" x 15" Size, Weighs 7 lbs

    Antique Bronze Eagle Statue

  • Army Seal Plaque HER201

    Army Seal Plaque

  • Bronze army soldier statue with gun & full gear mounted on black base, RFB134 is 3.5" x 11.5" Size, Weighs 3 lbs.

    Army Statue

  • Bronze eagle statue holding American flag mounted on dark wood base, RFB110 is 10.25" tall, Weighs 3 lbs

    Bald Eagle Statue With American Flag

  • AP48 AP49 Black Plaque With American Flag Engraving Plate

    Black Plaque With American Flag Engraving Plate

  • Bronze eagle head statue mounted on black base, AE250 is 4.5" x 8.5" Size, Weighs 2.5 lbs.

    Bronze Eagle Head Sculpture On Black Base

  • Bronze eagle head statue on black base, RFB535 is 8" tall, Weighs 2.5 lbs

    Bronze Eagle Head Statue On Black Base

  • Bronze eagle statue with glass engraving plate on a black base, RFB806 is 9" tall, Weighs 5 lbs.

    Bronze Eagle Sculpture With Glass Engraving Plate

  • Bronze eagle statue with wings spread mounted on a black base, RFB148 is 11" tall, Weighs 4.5 lbs.

    Bronze Eagle Statue

  • Bronze Eagle Statue RFB800 RFB810 RFB820

    Bronze Eagle Statue With American Flag

  • Military solider statue in camouflage holding gun mounted on black base, RFB063 is 4" x 12.5" Size, Weighs 3 lbs.

    Camouflage Soldier Statue

  • Crystal American flag with a bald eagle etched into it, mounted on black crystal base, CRY54 is 4.5" x 6" Size, Weighs 4 lbs

    Crystal American Flag

  • Clear crystal with eagle carved into the middle, mounted on black crystal base, CRY045 is 6" x 7" Size, Weighs 6 lbs.

    Crystal Carved Eagle

  • Clear crystal eagle head mounted on a black crystal base with engraving, CRY322 is 5.75" tall, Weighs 4 lbs.

    Crystal Eagle Head

  • Carved crystal eagle head with engraving area mounted on black crystal base, CRY320 is 10.5" tall, weighs 7.5 lbs.

    Crystal Eagle Head Trophy

  • Crystal eagle mounted on black crystal base with engraving plate, K9117 is 9.5" tall, Weighs 8 lbs.

    Crystal Eagle Statue

  • Crystal eagle on a crystal pedestal & base, CRY187 is 10.5" tall, Weighs 3.5 lbs

    Crystal Eagle Trophy

  • Two bronze eagle heads mounted on a black base, RFB152 is 10" tall, Weighs 3 lbs.

    Double Eagle Head

  • P2394 Plaque

    Eagle and Flag Award Plaque

  • Bronze eagle coming in for landing, mounted on black base, AE275 is 10.5" tall, Weighs 2.4 lbs.

    Eagle in Flight

  • Gold eagle statue with the eagle in flight, mounted on black base, RFB525 is 14.75" tall, Weighs

    Eagle in Flight Statue

  • Bronze eagle statue showing the eagle landing, Mounted on black base, RFB011 is 7.5" tall, Weighs 2 lbs

    Eagle Landing Sculpture

  • Silver resin eagle with 2 American flags standing on a pentagon, mounted on rosewood base, AE305 is 11" tall, Weighs 2.6 lbs.

    Eagle on Pentagon

  • Acrylic piece for engraving mounted on a bronze resin eagle at the bottom, 90819-Z is 7", 90810-Z is 8", 90810-Z is 9"

    Eagle Resin Acrylic Award

  • Bronze eagle statue with American Flag with glass engraving plate, RFB805 is 8" x 10" Size, Weighs 5.1 lbs.

    Eagle Sculpture With American Flag & Glass Plate