Rosewood Plaques

Hit Trophy has an amazing selection of plaques that are beautifully crafted out of the ever popular, attractive, and rich tone quality of rosewood. We are pleased to offer such an expansive array of rosewood plaque options for you to choose from; from either a more simple yet beautiful design to ones with more elaborately detailed features and edges. These personalized rosewood plaques are perfect to present to reward the hard work and determination that has lead to the success of someone that you know. They will look great adorning any space for many years all while being a continual reminder to them of their great accomplishment.

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  • P3756 P3757 P3758 Plaque

    Black Border Rosewood Plaque

  • P4834 Book Award

    Book Award

  • Caduceus Plaque

  • RP222DD & RP222E Eagle Plaque

    Contemporary Rosewood Eagle Plaque

  • P3901 P3902 P3903 P3904 Plaques

    Diamond Border Rosewood Plaque

  • P3821 Plaque

    Engraved Black and Gold Rosewood Plaque

  • P3911 P3912 P3913 P3914 Plaque

    Engraved Braided Award Plaque

  • Fire Department Plaque

  • FPA1810 Plaque

    Floating Acrylic Plaque On Rosewood

  • P3806 P3807 P3808 P3809 Plaque

    Florentine Border Rosewood Plaque

  • P3747 Plaque

    Frame Cast Rosewood Plaque

  • P3936 Plaque

    Frame Casting Piano Finish Plaque

  • P4480 Plaque

    Framed Rosewood Plaque

  • P3975 Framed Rosewood Scroll Plaque

    Framed Rosewood Scroll Plaque

  • P4464 Plaque

    Framed Scallop Design Plaque

  • P4454 Plaque

    Framed Star Shower Plaque

  • Gold Star Plaque P3992

    Gold Star Plaque

  • P3830 P3831 P3832 P3833 Plaque

    Piano Finish Florentine Plaque

  • P3835 P3836 P3837 P3838 Plaque

    Piano Finish Leaf Border Plaque

  • P3990 Framed Rosewood Plaque

    Piano Finish Rosewood Plaque

  • Police Officer Plaque

  • Praying Hands Plaque RP230DD

    Praying Hands Plaque

  • Rosewood & Blue Plaque P5370 P5371 P5372

    Rosewood & Blue High Lustr Plaque

  • P4140 P4141 P4142 P4143 Plaque

    Rosewood & Sapphire Plaque

  • P4561 P4562 P4563 Plaque

    Rosewood & Silver Plaque

  • P3823 Plaque

    Rosewood Cast Frame Plaque

  • P3754 Rosewood Eagle Plaque

    Rosewood Eagle Plaque

  • P4139 Rosewood Plaque

    Rosewood Framed Engraved Plaque

  • P4160 Octagon Plaque

    Rosewood Octagon Plaque

  • P3741 P3742 P3743 P3744 Plaque

    Rosewood Piano Finish Plaque