Santa Claus holding his red bag over his shoulder. He's also winking at the camera and is giving a "thumbs up" with his left hand.

Santa Claus gives his approval of Mantel Clocks!

“’Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,

In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.”

Origin of Christmas Beliefs & Traditions

Thus begins one of the most influential Christmas poems in the English language, “A Visit from St. Nicholas” published anonymously in 1823. This one poem changed how Americans celebrated Christmas by establishing specific traditions and beliefs. For example, the stockings hanging on a mantel piece above the fireplace first appears in this poem, and the idea of Saint Nick filling the children’s stockings with gifts started a tradition in the nineteenth century. The tradition continues even today as people shop for “stocking stuffers” which are small gifts, despite the fact that most homes no longer have fireplaces.

Perhaps the poem’s biggest contribution to our Christmas traditions comes in the specific description of St. Nicholas. The poem describes him as “chubby and plump, a right jolly old elf” with a chin covered in a beard “as white as snow” and rosy red cheeks and nose. He is dressed in fur and carries a bundle on his back filled with toys. This iconic image of St. Nick has persisted into the present and has permanently solidified our idea of this magical gift-giver.

Origin of Great Christmas Gifts

Our Grand Piano Mantel Clock is made with rosewood & coated with piano finish for a sleek look. The clock is a works is a gold skeleton clock with black hands. Below the clock is a black & gold engraving plate that is laser engraved with a company logo, a name & additional text of Chairman of the Board. This GP03 Mantel Clock is 9" tall, 13.25" wide & includes both free engraving & free shipping.

Grand Piano Mantel Clock GP03 made with a piano finish, a gold skeleton clock and a black & gold engraving plate.

Now, as you become St. Nicholas for the approaching season of giving, we at Hit Trophy wish to help you. We offer a number of items that would be ideal gifts. In fact, we have four terrific mantel timepieces that were made to rest above those “stockings hung with care.”

A Grand Gift

Our Grand Piano Mantel Clock (item GP03) will help someone special count down the minutes to the New Year! Crafted from rosewood with a high gloss finish, the wooden base holds an exquisite skeleton clock. The clock’s translucent face exposes the inner gear wheels and cogs of the piece. A golden ring adorned with Roman numerals marks the hours, and a separate miniature face contains a second hand to measure every moment. An ebony engraving plate has been attached to the rosewood body, and the plate provides enough room for three lines of text. Our graphic artists will merrily engrave the recipient’s name, dates, and any holiday wishes you want to express. Present our Grand Piano Mantel Clock to some lucky person on Christmas morning.

A Luxurious Gift

Napoleon Mantel Clock BC901 with a hand-rubbed mahogany finish and black & gold engraving plate.

Imagine St. Nick’s surprise as he discovers our Rosewood Mantel Clock (item BC879) perched above your stockings. Measuring 8.5” wide and 10.5” tall, the luxurious and contemporary style of our rosewood mantel clock makes an ideal present for the sophisticated person on your Christmas list. Made of rosewood with a high gloss finish, the mantel clock comes shaped like an arch with chrome pillars and other silver aluminum accents. It looks lavish and high quality but is actually inexpensive. The clock face has the Roman numeral characters and a three hand movement to capture every second, minute and hour. The merry workers in our design workshop will provide free engraving for this gift that comes with batteries and a lifetime guarantee.

A Royal Gift


If our first two timepieces did not impress the gift-giver in you, our Napoleon Clock (item BC901) will command your attention. Named after the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, the Napoleon Clock has a deep hand-rubbed mahogany finish and a traditional face embellished with Roman numerals. Standing 8.5” tall and 7.5” wide, this majestic and elegant timepiece has a three-hand movement. Unlike St. Nick’s elves back at the North Pole, our engraving specialists use the latest in laser technology to personalize all of our gifts. This mantel clock has a 3.5” X 1” black and gold engraving plate, so you can express a Christmas wish into the three lines of type. Plus, our laser engraving is free! Make someone feel like royalty this Christmas with our Napoleon Clock.

A Classic Gift

Our black mantel clock features a white face clock, black hands & a silver bezel. Below the clock is a black & silver engraving plate that has been personalized with the Jeep logo & text for Outstanding Sales and Service. The bottom features a silver metal area with silver metal "feet" as well. The black wood is a silky smooth piano finish. This T304 black mantel clock is 4.5" x 7.5" in size & includes free engraving.

Black Mantel Clock T304 with a white face clock, silver bezel and a black & silver engraving plate for personalization.

Finally, the fourth member of our timepiece quartet is our Black Mantel Clock. Our Black Mantel Clock (item T304) makes a wonderful gift and allows you to scratch off one more name on that Christmas list. Measuring 7.5″ wide and 4.5” tall, this beautiful timepiece has a smooth black glossy finish. The clock’s white face contrasts with its ebony body, and its silver accents complete the sleek style of this timepiece. Roman numerals mark each hour on this simple, classic clock. We provide a 4” wide and 1” tall engraving plate for personalization, so our graphic design department will engrave up to three lines of text on the clock. Set our Black Mantel Clock above someone’s stockings this Christmas, and watch how that grateful person enjoys your gift for years to come.

“A Visit from St. Nicholas” has contributed many characteristics to our Christmas beliefs. It has given us eight tiny, flying reindeer (with their names), a tradition of stuffing stockings with gifts, and a vivid description of Father Christmas himself, St. Nicholas. So as you wait for your visit from St. Nick this year, consider shopping at Hit Trophy.com for any type of engraved clocks as we have over 120 of them to choose from! Using the words of that famous poem, we at Hit Trophy want to wish everyone “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night.”