3 new great items have been added to our Promotions Page at HitTrophy.com for the month of April.  There you’ll find two brand new acrylic awards and one classic gavel plaque that have been discounted, but only for the month of April.

The first item is our Red Accented Flame Series Acrylic Award.  This award is brand new to the awards market as of January of this year.  That means if you’re looking for a completely unique acrylic award that no one has ever received and probably hasn’t seen, then this award could be for you.  It comes with a clear back ground that can be laser engraved with a frosted white color.  It’s accented by the red base and red edges all the way around the award.  This item is perfect for a school, business or organization whose logo or colors have red in them.  This engraved award has been discounted a whopping 19% for the month of April.  

The next award is our Flame Series Black Acrylic Award.  This item was also released in January of 2011 and is brand new to the awards industry.  This item has the classic rounded flame-look to it and it includes a black engraving background and a black acrylic base.  The contemporary look of this item makes it most useful for corporate awards and organizational awards.  You can purchase this acrylic award for 16% off it’s regular price.  Both of these acrylic awards can be found on our colored acrylic awards page.

The last item that has been discounted this April is one of our best-selling plaques at HitTrophy.com.  The PG4470 Rosewood Gavel Plaque is used for many awards ceremonies, but they are predominately ordered for Fraternity Awards and other educational awards ceremonies.  This gavel plaque has been marked down 8% for the month of April.  Check all of our discounted items out at our Promotions Page today!