If your business has been around for close to half a century, then chances are that you have worked with or have made a product for high ranking officials.  At Hit Trophy this has been the case as we have produced engraved awards for a President, a Czar and many Mayors over the course of the years.

The biggest and most memorable award that we have produced for a high profile person was back in the late 80’s.  President Reagan came to speak at Bowling Green, Ohio one afternoon and the city wanted to recognize him for making a stop in their city.  That’s where Hit Trophy came in.  We produced an award plaque that welcomed President Reagan to Bowling Green and it also had the city seal personalized on it.  The plaque was given to President Reagan by the then Mayor of Bowling Green Edwin L. Miller.

More recently we produced a contemporary black acrylic award for President Obama’s former Green Jobs Czar Van Jones.  Van Jones was given the Maurice Sugar Voice for Justice Award which was sponsored by the Sugar Law Center for Economic & Social Justice. 

And just last month we produced a flame glass award for the Mayor of Sacramento, Kevin Johnson.  If you don’t know, Kevin Johnson is the former NBA All-Star who played 14 years in the NBA, 13 with the Phoenix Suns.  Mayor Kevin Johnson was receiving the flame glass award for participating in the Journey to Success Event.  This event was sponsored by Women’s Team Member Network.

As you can see from this blog article and also our list of former customers on our main page at HitTrophy.com, we work with many large organizations and high profile people.  If you’re looking for engraved awards that you can be sure will be produced exactly to your specifications, then be sure to order with Hit Trophy as we have 47 years of experience with personalized plaques, trophies and awards.