For most men out there, when they think of October they instinctively think of Football season or other fall activities that may be going on. Love and romance clearly isn’t the first thing that comes to their minds and that may be why so many men found themselves in trouble this past weekend. Trouble you ask? If you are from the male population, then you should have done something for your significant other this past weekend because it was Sweetest Day. For the guys who are in the doghouse because they flat out forgot about Sweetest Day, then let Hit Trophy help you out with some belated gifts that may just soften her heart just a bit.

If you’re not in that big of trouble, then let us suggest our crystal heart paperweight. On this heart you can have us laser engrave it with any momentous date that you’ve had in your relationship throughout the years. The date that you first met, day of your first date or your engagement dates are all good additions to this crystal paperweight. But if you’re not sure what date to go with, then feel free to just put the vintage “Your Name + Her Name” as that always seems to be a good engraving that women enjoy.

If you feel as though that you might be in a little bit bigger trouble than normal because you missed this Sweetest Day, then let me direct you to our Tree of Love Print & Frame. We’ve all seen the classic photos of a heart carved out of a tree with two names or two initials carved into the center of the heart, right? This personalized print is a play on that as it gives you the ability to add your name, her name and your date of choice to what appears to be a hand carved inscription into a tree.

But if you’ve been married for quite some time and you have yet again forgot another romantic holiday, then let me suggest that you go straight for the most meaningful day of your lives together, your wedding day. We have a beautiful black and white wedding frame that you can fully personalize with your names and your wedding date. If you get a copy of your wedding photo and add it to this frame, then it should be able to get you out of any amount of trouble that you may be in. Add a little, “I just wanted to remind you of how amazing this day was for me,” and you should be home free. 😉

We have other picture frames, crystal awards and personalized gifts that would be a perfect “make up gift” for your significant other as we include free engraving on all orders. So feel free to add whatever loving message that you would like to any of our awards or gifts that we have to offer at HitTrophy.com and get your butt out of trouble today!