BC57 Large Book ClockNever judge a book by its cover-unless it is one of Hit Trophy’s elegantly styled Book Clocks. These high quality clocks come in a variety of wood finishes to match any desk, bookshelf, or décor. Each clock accurately displays the time because of its quartz movement, and each has a lifetime guarantee, so your award winner will never miss a second of time.

We offer three sizes of hinged book clocks to choose from. Our BC57 large book clock is the largest in our collection and it comes with a hand rubbed mahogany finish. When closed, its handsome outer shell resembles a beautiful book in your bookcase. Yet when the award is open, the true magnificence is revealed. On the right of the hinge rests a superior time piece. The clock dial is diamond spun with three hand movement. The clock’s gold face features Roman numerals. The left side is adorned with a black brass engraving plate. Here the recipient’s name may be engraved along with the logo and name of the institution awarding this gift. The black brass plate will allow up to ten lines for your words of praise and recognition.

BC69 Book ClockThe BC834 book clock is virtually identical to our larger book clock; however this extraordinary award comes in a Rosewood piano finish. It also has an inset clock with diamond spun dial with three hand movement. The black brass engraving plate will accommodate six lines of type.

Finally, the BC69 book clock is the smallest and most popular that we offer and it has a Rosewood Stained finish. The inset time piece for this clock has a gold spun dial, and it too has a second hand along with the minute and hour hands of the clock. The black brass engraving plate will accommodate eight lines of type.

These wonderful clocks range in price from approximately $48 to $75. With a purchase of any these three you receive free laser engraving. To insure the satisfaction of customers, we always email a proof showing you exactly what the award will say. Each one also comes with batteries, so it is ready to be presented to the honored person.

Walnut Clock & Plaque ComboIn addition to the above clocks, we also offer two other awards styled like books. These awards do not come with a hinge, so they are permanently open in an approximate 90 degree angle. Both of these book clock and plaque combos come in a rich American walnut. The first is the BC8 which comes with a brass diamond-spun bezel with a glass lens and ivory dial. The second is the BC95 that features a black & gold clock face and an Airflyte Edge. Both have the same size of 12.5” X 9.5”, and they come with a beautiful brass plate on the right side. Each plaque will hold up to twelve lines of type. Just like all of our engraved awards, you will receive free engraving and batteries. These two awards range in price from $129.90 to $114.90.

Whether it’s for a retiring educator, a super achieving professional, or someone you would simply like to thank, these clocks are guaranteed to be displayed proudly by the person receiving one. Thank that special person for all of the time and effort by giving a memorable time piece from Hit Trophy. To view our complete collection of book clocks be sure to check them out here.