When the employees find a free moment in their day to discuss TV shows, it seems that it’s the reality shows that come up the most.  One of the most talked about shows at Hit Trophy is Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory.  One day while watching Fantasy Factory I surprised to see that Rob had one of the items that we sell at HitTrophy.com placed right on his desk!

The item that I saw is our Bronze Eagle Statue on a Black Base.  This item comes in three great sizes to pick from and the sizes range from 8” x 11.5” all the way up to a monstrous 15” x 19.5”.  One of the great things about these eagle statues is the fact that they are electroplated, which means that they have been coated with a metal to make them almost unbreakable.  Sure, if you drop or throw the statue on the floor then there’s a pretty good chance it will break, but being electroplated makes it able to take a few bumps and bruises with breaking.

The episode that the Bronze Eagle Statue is featured in is from Season 3 and is entitled, “I’m an Awkward Enabler!”  The episode revolves Big Cat trying to come out of his shell and being more social with the world.  Maybe it’s better said that Rob was the one that was trying to get Big Cat to come out of his shell.  It ends with Big Cat giving a ceremonious speech at a new skate park that Rob & Friends helped design and create.  Even though Big Cat still has issues with his social skills, in the episode it appears that he overcame some of his fears of public speaking and being a project leader.

The photo attached to this blog shows Big Cat in Rob’s office as they discussed the fact that Rob was putting Big Cat in complete charge of designing and promoting a new Safe Spot Skate Spot Park in North Hollywood.  Big Cat looks a little worried about the task that Rob is giving him.  On the left side of the photo you can see the Bronze Eagle Statue on the desk.

Bronze eagle statue on Rob Dyrdek's table