California ChromeHistory could be made in early June by a horse named California Chrome. Back in 1978, a horse named Affirmed was the last horse to win the Kentucky Derby, The Preakness, and the Belmont Stakes otherwise known as the Triple Crown of horse racing. Now, 36 years later, Chrome has won the first two races and only needs to claim the Belmont Stakes to be the next Triple Crown winner.

The three year old colt should have never made it this far according to some breeders, but this long shot has surprised many including his two owners. Steve Coburn and Perry Martin are newbies to the world of racing, so when they bred an $8,000 mare, that only has won one race, to a stallion with a doubtful background, other horse owners smirked. Race Horse Statue With JockeySo Coburn and Perry named their one horse business DAP (Dumb Ass Partners) Racing. After Chrome’s wins at the Derby and Preakness, Coburn and Martin are now the ones who are smirking.

Coburn works in a factory, and Martin runs a product safety testing lab. Neither man has any previous experience raising racing horses. According to Sports Illustrated.com, Coburn recently said, “We just hope that this horse is letting America know that the little guy can win.”

Art Sherman and Victor Espinoza are also pinning their hopes on Chrome to win the Triple Crown. Sherman trains Chrome and after 60 years of working in the racing business, he thinks he has found the next Triple Crown winner. ”You have to have a very good horse to win these three races,” said the 77-year-old trainer. ”I’m hoping I’ve got one right now.” Espinoza has been riding Chrome since the beginning of 2014. Together, they have won six consecutive races. After missing his chance to win the Triple Crown aboard War Emblem in 2002, Espinoza knows what it takes to win all three races. ”You have to be a super horse to win,” the jockey said.Sulky Harness Racing Statue

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