Views on Golf Vary So We Offer a Variety of Golf Trophies

Ask anyone you know what they think about golf and you will get a wide range of thoughts. Opinions on the game vary from the comical to the metaphysical.

Take for example these two comical quotes, the first from Mark Twain and the other from Hall of Fame Golfer Raymond Floyd. Twain subtly suggested his view on golf by saying “Golf is a good walk spoiled.” Floyd is a little more direct about how frustrating the game can be. He said, “They call it golf because all the other four letter words were taken.”

Yet, for some people, the sport creates philosophical beliefs. The late, great Arnold Palmer stated, “Golf is the most democratic game on Earth… It punishes and exalts us all with splendid equal opportunity.” The game has also given LPGA competitor Paula Creamer some deep thinking. “There are so many lessons in life that can be learned through golf,” Creamer told the Denver Post. “I am not afraid to say that I am still learning some of them and probably will continue for some time.”

We Offer Wonderful to Whimsical Awards

Crystal Golf Trophy

Hit Trophy realizes the vast views on the sport, and that is part of the reason why we sell 60 different golf trophies ranging from the wonderful to the whimsical.

For those serious, competitive golfers, we offer our most popular trophy: our Crystal Golf Trophy. This amazing award stands nearly 9” tall and features a detailed crystal golf ball on top with a 3-D laser etching of a player swinging his club inside the optical crystal pillar. Our graphic artists will engrave up to three lines of text on the trophy. Engraving comes free of charge on all of our trophies, and we will include a deluxe gift box with this item. A truly wonderful trophy according to the glowing reviews we have received, item CRY213, our Crystal Golf Trophy will make any champion golfer appreciate the game they have mastered.

This is only one of dozens of trophies we offer to the winners of your tournament. However, we also offer fun golf awards for those competitors who have played well but just could not catch the leader of the links.

Golf Course Glass Trophy

Two whimsical awards we offer are our Celebration Golf Statue and our Male Bronze Golf Resin “Smooth Swing” trophy. The Celebration Golf Statue (Item #RFB073) can be used as a tournament trophy, but it also provides solace to the golfer who accomplished a tough shot. The trophy captures the emotion a player may feel after making a great shot whether it is clearing a water obstacle, chipping out of a sand trap, or just fading a shot around some trees.

Our Male Bronze Golf Resin “Smooth Swing” trophy (item #GSN023) depicts a male golfer in full follow through of a powerful stroke. This terrific trophy makes an ideal second place award or an award for the oldest but “smoothest” player in the tournament.

Can’t Forget Our Consolation Trophies

Hole In One TrophyUnfortunately, not every team or individual can be given the championship trophy, but that does not mean you cannot distribute other trophies, especially for a fund raising or charity golf event. That is why we offer four awards for golfers who have hit some terrific strokes during the match and deserve recognition.

Did you know there are approximately 150,000 aces per year? According to Golf Digest, a hole-in-one happens more often than you may think. That’s why we suggest you purchase our Hole In One Trophy, item RFG528, for your charity golf match. This unique trophy is a 4” tall silver “#1” which has a circular cut out perfect for displaying the ball used for that once in a lifetime shot.

Longest Drive Trophy

A rosewood base holds the resin numeral, and we will etch the golfer’s name, date, golf course, pin number or whatever other information you may wish to use to personalize this trophy. It is an imaginative way to inspire golfers before they participate in a charity tournament.

For the golfer who crushes the ball off the tee but falls short of the pin, we suggest you present that person with our Longest Drive award, item #RFG529. Measuring 3” x 4.25” in size, the trophy displays a driver squared up with a golf ball. Both are constructed from a durable resin and given a silver coating.

Closest to the Pin Trophy

Congratulate that special golfer who can grip it and rip it by handing out our Longest Drive Trophy!

Our Closest to the Pin Trophy (item #RFG531) is another way to thank those who participate in your league or fundraiser. This 3” x 4” trophy has a wedge and golf ball constructed from resin and coated with a silver color. Attached on a rosewood base, the engraving plate has enough room for three lines of text.This trophy makes a marvelous memento for a golfer who is a wizard with the wedges and irons.

Finally, we offer our Longest Putt Trophy, item # RFG530. Fastened to a 3” square base, the silver putter and ball reflect off the dark rosewood finish. The base also gives our laser engravers enough room to place three lines of personalization.

Longest Putt Trophy

This makes a great gift for that guru of the greens who sinks the longest putt of your event.

Our Golf Trophies Are Aces!

So what are your views of the game of golf? Are you a serious golfer or a recreational player? No matter how you approach the game of golf, we at Hit Trophy have the perfect trophy for any local league, fundraiser scramble, or charity event. Visit our complete collection of golf trophies and see for yourself.