Jason Belmonte BowlingThe Professional Bowlers Association Tournament of Champions begins Feb. 5-11, and all eyes will be on the record setting Australian Jason Belmonte.


At 34, Belmonte has the chance to win his tenth major title of his decade long career. If he wins the TOC, he will tie Hall of Fame bowlers Earl Anthony and Pete Weber for the most all-time major wins with 10. He reached nine major title wins faster than any other bowler in the history of the PBA; it took Anthony 11 seasons to win his first nine majors, and Weber needed 26 seasons to accomplish the same feat.

For the 2008 PBA Rookie of the Year, awards and acclaim are nothing new. He won his first Player of the Year award in 2013, took the award again in 2014, and claimed the award for a third consecutive year in 2015. He is the only non-American player to win three consecutive POY honors, and the fourth PBA player overall to do so (joining Earl Anthony, Mark Roth and Walter Ray Williams, Jr.). He earned his fourth POY in 2017 by becoming the first PBA player to ever win three major titles in a season.


Crystal Bowling Trophy

Born in the small town of Orange, Australia, Belmonte literally grew up in a bowling alley. His father opened The Orange Ten Pin Bowl, and as an 18 month old toddler, he began rolling bowling balls down the lanes. He claims his early attempts of rolling bowling balls led to his unique two handed shovel style delivery. The delivery requires him to insert only two fingers into the ball (no thumb) and use his other hand to throw his shot. The unorthodox delivery works well for him, and it led to his first two sanctioned 300 games in 1999. (He currently has 21 PBA sanctioned 300 games.) Due to his unusual shot, the Australian nicknamed “Belmo” has become the fastest PBA bowler to reach $1 million in prize money. With only 131 tournaments under his belt, he became the PBA’s 47th millionaire.


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