Creating a business is something that’s difficult to do.  Building a business can be an even larger task.  Making a business profitable and running like a well-oiled machine can be an even larger challenge.  But if you can do all of these things and do it for 47 years, then you must be doing something right.  Here at Hit Trophy the thing that we have built our business on is our high level of customer service.

Keeping customers happy in the engraved awards industry can be a very challenging thing to do.  Unlike other businesses, almost 100% of our items are personalized.  We have to be very precise in almost everything we do because one wrong letter, number or even scratch and the award is completely ruined at our expense.  Because of this our ordering process at HitTrophy.com is extremely meticulous, yet it’s something that’s very easy for our customers.

The first part of the order process is the customer placing their order and adding their text and/or logo(s) to their order.  When we receive the order it gets sent directly to our art department where a professional computer artwork designer produces a digital proof that is emailed to the customer for their approval.  If the customer likes the design that our art department has come up with, then they simply email us back with their approval.  If they would like to make any changes to the setup, then they can email our art department with their requests.  The point of the matter is that we don’t produce the award until the customer is 100% satisfied with their digital proof.  Only then do we send it into production and laser engrave their awards.  Customer service and 100% satisfaction is what Hit Trophy has been built on and we continue to carry out that same great customer service on a daily basis.  If you have some free time then be sure to check out our Testimonials Page where you will find comments from our customers about their experience with HitTrophy.com.  We appreciate our Hit Trophy customers and if you have any issues what so ever with your order, just call or email us at 419-445-5356 or sales@hittrophy.com and we’ll be sure that you’re 100% satisfied!