We know that it’s hard to believe, but the month of October is almost here. While we love Halloween and all of the candy that goes along with it, we’ve starting eyeing an even bigger and more meaningful holiday that comes at the end of the year. Yes, we’ve been thinking about Christmas and chances are that at some point you have too!

By far, bar none our biggest sellers during the months of November and December come from our selection of desk name plates. Last year during this time we only had about 15 desk name plates to choose from, but we have increased that number to 25 to give you, our customers a larger selection to choose from. On our desk name plates page you’ll find numerous styles and fashions of name plates to choose from and I’m going to give you an idea of which ones are our best-selling.

The clear favorite that our customers choose the most is the Personalized Glass Desk Nameplate. The contemporary look of the glass base, glass name plate, the silver accents on the edges and the low cost price of $34.90 have made this the most purchased item at HitTrophy.com to date! At Hit Trophy we like to joke around by saying that the glass name plate also has a “cousin” which is the Smoked Glass Desk Name Plate. These two look very much alike, but the latter is made of a thicker glass that is tinted, which gives the item a “smoked” look. The smoked item is also one of our better selling items and it comes in at $54.90.

Two other of our better selling desk plaques consist of our Rosewood and Silver Desk Pen Set and also the Desk Set with Pen, Clock and Crystal Globe. Both of these deluxe pen desk sets come with pens, clocks and name plates. The 2747C comes with two silver pens and a business card holder, while the BC545 comes with a crystal globe that actually spins! Both of these top selling items come in at $64.90 each.

If you’re not sure what to buy this Christmas for the business executive, teacher or organization president that you know then let me suggest that you have a look at our full line of name plates that come with free laser engraving or personalization!