Enjoying the lush green growth and early spring weather that this year has blessed us with, creates the perfect time to reflect and celebrate the rapidly approaching Earth Month. The whole month of April has been appointed as the time for people to draw together and actively participate, observe, and promote ways to better our earth. Some solely celebrate “Earth Day” which is April 22nd, while many organizations celebrate the whole week of April 16th-22nd. It came about as many environmental groups saw a large need to enforce changes in human behavior and to continuously push for policy changes when it comes to things that are hazardous to the earth. Large committees and organizations have been committed to do things on a global scale such as ocean clean up, planting trees, and pushing political leaders for restrictions on fuel and toxic waste related issues.

We however can also all do our part because every little bit counts. In our everyday lives we can reduce, reuse, recycle, clean parks, carpool, ride bikes more often, or opt for the more earth friendly products. We are able to assist you here at Hit Trophy in this area as some of our products are made of bamboo, a renewable resource, and leave you feeling good about doing your part this Earth day. One of these gifts is our personalized genuine bamboo wine box gift set. This bamboo wine box comes with 4 essential stainless steel tools and once filled with a preferred wine bottle is perfect to surprise to the environmentally conscience person in your life. Another item is our genuine bamboo plaque that is available in 2 sizes; an 8×10 or 9×12. The personalization of these 2 particular products as well as all of our products is always free.

Also perfect for Earth Day are the numerous gifts and awards we offer that incorporate a world or globe within the design. Some of these great examples include our stunning team building crystal globe trophy, our colorful prismatic world crystal award, or our smoked glass desk set with crystal globe. There is a vital need to thank these individuals and groups that volunteer to clean, preserve, and improve our world and for their importance to inform us all of our responsibility to do the same. Be sure to always be mindful of your part especially during this upcoming Earth Month. Hit Trophy would be pleased to assist you by providing some amazing products ideal for celebrating, rewarding, and recognizing this important issue.