Back in 1992 Luther Vandross & Janet Jackson teamed up to perform a duet for the movie “Mo’ Money.”  The song that they collaborated on was entitled “The Best Things in Life are Free.”  The song was so popular with the public that it was later added to 4 other CD compilations between 1995 and 2009.  One has to wonder why that song so popular?  It’s true that the song had a good beat & a catchy tune for it’s time, not to mention two R&B legends singing it, but we here at Hit Trophy believe the reason for the songs popularity stemmed from it’s title & chorus; The best things in life are free. 

While it’s true that the song was speaking of true love and the fact that you can’t buy it, we here at Hit Trophy believe that people love free things in all aspects of their life, not just love.  That’s why we offer free setups, free digital proofs prior to production and free laser engraving on all orders placed at HitTrophy.com.  That means when you order from us, the price that you see on the item is the price that you will pay at the checkout.  Why is this such a big deal?  Most of our competitors hide these fees & charges in the fine print of their website and when you go through their checkout process you end up with a barrage of fees that you never knew existed in the first place.  So your item that was only supposed to cost you $50 to begin with suddenly has doubled because they’re charging you a setup fee, a logo fee and your text had too many letters so they’re adding on a twenty cent per character charge.  We just don’t believe that this is an ethical way of doing business, nor do we think that it’s a good way to get new customers or keep old ones.  Quite the opposite, we do our best to be as honest & up front with our customers about any fees that they may encounter along the ordering process, but lucky for our customers, all of our engraving is free on every order!

Speaking of our engraving, at least once a week we have a customer who is impressed with the preciseness of our laser engraving and they’re curious how we got their logo to look so good on an acrylic, glass or crystal award.  Because this is such a popular question, we thought that we should actually address it on our blog.  As you know, a written description is great, a picture is worth a thousand words, but if we can show you a video of something then we consider that priceless.  That’s why we’ve attached a YouTube video of one of our laser engravers in the process of engraving a glass award.  In the attached video we’re engraving one of our most popular items, a glass crescent award, with six lines of text, one ornament decoration & the company’s logo which is in the shape of a toolbox.  If you’ve never seen a laser engraver in action then be sure to take a moment to view the first video posted on this page.

Because the makeup of the laser engravers that we use, there are some types of engraving plates that we simply cannot laser engrave.  When we run into this issue or when the customer specifically requests it, that’s when we turn to our traditional engraving machines that use diamond bits to engrave directly into whatever material that you’re engraving.  Most likely this is the type of engraving that you’ve seen more in your life, considering the laser style is relatively new to the industry.  The traditional diamond bit engraving is the style that you probably remember seeing in your High School’s trophy case where the team member’s had their names engraved into gold or silver plates.

As I just mentioned, this traditional style is good for gold or silver engraving plates, but we also use it on plastic signs, name plates and most commonly on individual plates that go on perpetual plaques or other annual awards.  Because people are also interested in this type of engraving, we’ve also attached a video of the diamond bit engraving style for you to view.  In that video we’re engraving a 4″ x 6″ gold engraving plate with a baseball logo, decoration ornament & 5 lines of engraved text.

Hopefully the article that that we’ve written and the videos that we’ve posted in this blog will help you understand our production process a little bit better, but the main point that we want you to remember is the fact that our engraving is always free!  Free setups, free digital proofs prior to production & free engraving!  It’s all free no matter if you’re ordering a $5.90 name badge or our $449.90 Solid Pewter Fire Trumpet.  So browse our selection of roughly 2000 items, find the item that is perfect for your event and order with confidence knowing that the price that you see on that item is the price that you’ll pay at the checkout!