Now-a-days it seems that everyone has a Facebook account.  Some people view that as a good thing that you can connect with friends of the past and keep up with family members that live far away.  On the other hand, some teenagers think it’s “lame” that their parents have Facebook and they can be friends with their friends.  A lot of businesses are also getting their own Facebook pages and that includes us as you can view the Hit Trophy Facebook Page anytime, day or night.

Whatever your thoughts are on Facebook, I think we can all realize and admit that it has changed the way we communicate with each other and in some cases how we do business.  As I mentioned above, Hit Trophy does have their own Facebook Page where we list updates on almost a daily basis.  We keep our customers up to date on our new items, our discounted items and other major updates from Hit Trophy.

Another great feature that we have added to is the Facebook “Like” button.  If you’re browsing and you come across an item that you’re impressed by then we would love to have you “Like” that item.  Likewise, if you’ve ordered awards and trophies from us and you’re impressed by the quality of the item, then we would again encourage you to “Like” that item.  By doing so, it will give your friends and other shoppers at the knowledge that someone else is impressed by that item.

Facebook is all about connecting with one another and spreading information to your friends and family.  We encourage you to become part of the Hit Trophy family by “Liking” us at our Hit Trophy Facebook Page today!  We don’t want to give too much away, but there are rumors of a Facebook Contest coming to our Facebook page sometime in the near future and you won’t want to miss out on it!  Join us today!