We’d like to welcome everyone not only to our new Hit Trophy “Hit Topics” Blog, but also to our completely revamped and redesigned website.  On our Hit Topics blog we’ll do our best to update our customers on a regular basis when it comes to special promotions, new awards being added and other company news that is important to our customers.  So far this year the biggest news to take place is the redesign of HitTrophy.com.  If you’re a repeat customer then you’ll notice a change in our company logo, color scheme, navigating system and many other changes.

One of the major changes with our website is the additions of many new categories of awards.  Thus far we’ve added at least 5 more categories of awards and more will be coming soon in the future.  Some of the new categories that we’ve added are Horse Statues, Globe Awards, Glass Art Awards and Police Statues.  Of these new categories it is the Crystal Globes category that has been the most well received of the bunch.  On that page you’ll find quite the selection of different styles of Globe Awards and Globe Trophies.  If you haven’t seen this page yet, then be sure to check it out today.

One of the other major additions to our new website is our Promotions page.  There you’ll find items that have been placed on sale or they’re on clearance because they’re being discontinued.  If you keep an eye on this page long enough you’ll be sure to snag quite a steal.  The one item that is on a super sale right now is our 5 Piece Wooden Coaster Set.  This wooden coaster set comes with a laser engravable base, 4 wooden coasters and they’re all individually boxed for as low as $9.99!  Maybe this item isn’t exactly your type, but over the coming months we’re sure to have something that you will like so don’t forget our Promotions Page!

As you can see from our first Hit Topics post we have many changes that are taking place both at Hit Trophy and HitTrophy.com.  We’ll be sure to continue to update this blog and the rest of the website as time goes on.  Be sure to add this blog to one of your favorites to ensure you don’t miss any special offers or important news.  If you have a question about Hit Trophy, HitTrophy.com or one of our products then just email us your question to sales@hittrophy.com and we’ll be sure to blog about your question when we get a chance.  Have a great day!