APT205D-BK Employee of the Month PlaqueIt’s a new year! The excitement of the holidays is over. People have made New Year’s Eve resolutions, and many of them have already been broken. We are settling into the cold, blustery days of winter, and the days of melancholy over the weather are starting to grip us all. Soon, “cabin fever” will strike, and we all be itching to get outside as we stare at the frost on the windowpane.

So how do you motivate a team, a group of employees, or say thank you to the staff who is struggling to shake off the winter blahs?? Hit Trophy has the answer for you. Our Perpetual Plaques will help light the fire under your group!

Take for instance our Perpetual Photo Plaque With Magnetic Plates. Also known as item APT205D-BK, this beautiful wooden plaque is the perfect way to acknowledge excellence shown by students, athletes, employees, or volunteers on a monthly basis. A photo of the MVP, leader, or employee of the month can be placed in the center of the plaque. A brass plate allows you to display the name of the chosen person for this month. APT515D-G Photo Perpetual PlaquePlus, a larger engraving plate underneath the photo area gives you the chance to engrave your company’s name, school, organization, or logo. Another unique feature of this plaque is the 12 black individual engraving plates are magnetic, allowing for quick and easy changes to be made that don’t require tiny screws or screwdrivers! What a great way to inspire your group, and you may get it for $69.90!

If you’re willing to spend a little more, check out our Black & Gold Photo Perpetual Plaque for $79.90. This simple, but elegant tablet can list up to a dozen award winners (or future award winners) plus bear the name and photo of the reigning champion. Each of the smaller name plates is large enough for up to 4 lines of type, but the plate below the photo is slightly larger. The picture block will hold a photo which measures approximately 4” x 8”. A great way to honor teamwork or individual achievement, this 13.5” x 10” award may fit the décor of any school, employee lounge, or office. Order APT515D-G to build esprit de corps in your group!

Besides getting people out of the doldrums and inspiring them, perpetual plaques are also a wonderful way to thank people for donating money to causes or to display people’s names when dedicating something such as a building. Item APT12EM is one of our finest examples of such a plaque. Walnut Perpetual PlaqueCreated out of American walnut, the hand rubbed solid wood makes the 48 (or 60 if you prefer) brass engraving plates stand out. You can fit up to five lines of type per plate.

If do not need 48 names on the plaque, Hit Trophy also offers smaller perpetual plaques too! Take for instance item P3935M. It can provide as few as 12 engraving plates but as many as 60! (24, 36, and 48 engraving plate are also available.) This too is made from awesome American walnut.

No matter what plaque style you wish to purchase, we will engrave all individual plates at the time of purchase for free. Our technicians will complete all work and send a proof to you through email to insure you are happy with our work before we complete your order. For any purchase over $100, we will also include the shipping for free.

So what are you waiting for? Shake that group of people you work with out of the winter blahs, create a little inspiration and pride, or thank those all important donors with a perpetual plaque by Hit Trophy. To view our complete line simply click on this link!