Moving America Forward LogoDuring this season of Thanksgiving and holiday cheer, we at Hit Trophy are thankful for all of our customers. As a small, family-owned business, we realize that our success depends upon the people, organizations, and businesses that use our products.

One of our valued customers is the team from MAF productions. This team produces the television show “Moving America Forward.” According to the website of the television series, “The show is focused on telling the stories of businesses, corporations and entrepreneurs across our nation.” Producers of the show wish to spotlight success stories of various business endeavors while providing exposure for new, innovative industries. Senior producer Ruth Collins feels it is important to recognize and encourage new companies because businesses built America and new businesses will help this country recover from the recent recession.

Collins is not alone in her opinion about the importance of commerce in the US; William Shatner, of “Star Trek” the television series and movies, shares her belief. In fact, Ms. Collins credits Shatner with the concept for “Moving America Forward.” “Mr. Shatner created the vehicle (“Moving America Forward”) so he can give back to the country which has given him so much.” Shatner hosts the show, but he shares those duties with retired Admiral Kevin Delaney and Doug Llewellyn, who hosted “The People’s Court.” Each week the team interviews someone who has helped this country move forward.

It is a time consuming process to create each show in the series. First, producers must gather candidates to appear as guests on “MAF.” Submissions from possible guests come to the producers through the show’s website at http://www.mafsubmissions.com/. Shatner and Collins choose each guest to appear on the show. Once selected, the entrepreneur comes to Studio City, California for filming. In the morning, the team has a script conference with the guest, and the interview is blocked out on the set. In the afternoon, the interviews are recorded, and most recording is finished by 4 p.m. Later, a film crew is sent to the guest’s place of business where additional recording is done. Editing is the final step before the production is aired for viewing.

American Flag Plaque“Moving America Forward” has now produced over 200 episodes, and at the conclusion of each of those episodes, the guest receives the prestigious “Moving America Forward” award. It is Hit Trophy’s honor to provide this award. “MAF” uses our black plaque with American flag, which is item AP48 in our online catalog. Ms. Collins read online reviews of Hit Trophy products before ordering the plaque, but she only ordered one the first time she worked with us. “I wanted to see the quality of the award, but once I had one in my hands, I loved it.” The plaque is perfect for those in government, political, or patriotic roles. This sleek black piano finished plaque has rounded edges, an engraving plate with a background image of our American flag, and a beautifully detailed gold border. Collins adds, “The service from Hit Trophy is outstanding as well. My order always arrives on time.”

We thank all of our customers in this holiday season for another successful year. We especially thank the MAF producers who share our feeling about business innovators. We know that business entrepreneurs and their customers fuel America’s economy, and we salute them all.

For more information about “MAF,” check out the website or the Facebook page for the show.