Most people are accustomed with the better known national holidays and awareness issues and yet a lot of people are unaware of the continuously growing list of relatively newer established celebrations such as National Poetry Month. Well… Hit Trophy is making sure to inform everyone of this occasion because we don’t want you to potentially miss out on another great opportunity to acknowledge and thank those individuals in your life that inspire you. National Poetry Month was introduced in 1996 has been celebrated every April in the United States and Canada since 1999 after a gathering of librarians, authors, publishers, booksellers, teachers, and literary organizations saw the need for such a celebration. Throughout the month of April many schools, businesses, libraries, and non-profit organizations all across the globe celebrate National Poetry Month with special readings, festivals, and workshops.

Poetry itself has been traced back as far as the 4th millennium BC from stories told of ancient times, the natives, politics and war, and largely of religious movements. Poetry is often closely linked with religious matters and is found throughout scriptures, prayers, hymns, and responses. The structure, fluidity, and range of emotions that poetry conveys is seen as an art form that is also hugely found in music. Many of the great poets from over the years have left us with some fantastic famous poems. What better way to thank that special person in your life than with one of our great products that offers plenty of space for one of these permanently engraved inspirational poems.

Whether it be a teacher, firefighter, police officer, friend, family member, coach, boss, or even your mailman…the list is really endless when it comes to giving a great encouraging gift. If you have previously missed out on an opportunity to recognize that person, you now have the perfect chance…not to mention the whole month of April to do so. Hit Trophy offers a great selection of items that provide plenty of engraving space for our design team to place a poem for free whether it be a famous poem or one you’ve created.

One of these items is our bronze eagle sculpture with glass engraving plate. It is a perfect symbolic gift to present to political figures or to honor the bravery of those in the military. We also offer a bronze firefighter statue and a bronze police statue also both designed with a large glass engraving plate perfect for your inspiration poem of thanks. Hit Trophy ensures that if you have a specific look in mind for a specific person, it is sure to be amongst our vast selection of designs, sizes, and colors, of blank plaques available in glass, acrylic, wood, or crystal. Take advantage of poetry month and the perfect opportunity to surprise and thank the special people in your life with a beautiful gift permanently engraved with an inspirational poem.