Jim Tressel is the head coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes Football Team.  Tressel also has nicknames such as “The Senator” or “The Sweatervest” that commenters often reference him by.  If you’ve lived under a rock for the past 8 years, then you probably don’t know anything about him or the fact that he turned a pretty good football program into an elite football program.  Lately he’s run into some internal issues where it appears that he didn’t disclose information to his athletic director, school president or even the NCAA and so far that’s gotten him a 5 game suspension, with the possibility that the NCAA could suspend him even further.

Whether you love Coach Tressel, hate him, think he should keep his job or think he should be fired, there is one thing that should be clear to anyone in sports, he has a great coaching record.  He’s won 1 National Championship and played in 7 other BCS Bowls.  He has 7 Big Ten Championships and an overall record of 106-22.  By winning all those games he has created crazed Ohio State fan base that has filled Ohio Stadium with sellout crowds. 

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