Glass Bull AGS20The world of Wall Street is exhilarating to many people like large corporations, stock market junkies, and investors, while to others they’d rather stay as far away from the confusion and mayhem as possible. However you feel about it all and whether you actually invest in stocks or not there is no doubt that it will inadvertently affect several aspects of your everyday life. If business is soaring, stocks are up, or a hefty recent investment transaction was attained, Hit Trophy has the perfect keepsake to mark such an occasion; one of our bull sculptures.

For those unfamiliar with stock market terms, you may not quite understand the connection, but a bull is exactly the term to describe the condition you want to be in. Although there has been slight disagreement with the origin of the whole “bull and bear” terminology most people have come to agree with the most likely one. The bull and bear have become the two symbolic beasts indicative of the current market trends. These terms reference and describe the attitude and actions of these two animals. A bull is typically a feisty, energetic animal that thrusts his horns in an upward swipe; therefore a bull or bullish market is when prices are rising and the trend is up. On the flip-side is a bear market. Bears tend to be sluggish and swipe down on their opponents; therefore a bear market indicates a down trend.

We offer two different styles of bull sculptures which are perfect to symbolize an upward swing or trend. The first and lesser priced is the AGS20 glass bull that is positioned on a rounded black base and measures 8” tall by 10” wide. The other, slightly more expensive CRY027 crystal bull is carved out of solid crystal, is positioned on a black trapezoid-shaped base and measures 7” tall by 13” wide. The bases of these sculptures can be laser engraved for free by our design team and they also receive free shipping as they are both priced over $100. It’s no bull that these engraved symbolic bull sculptures will create quite the stir around the office and make a great keepsake marking a time business and stocks were soaring.