Crystal Trophy Cup CRY052 Several popular sporting competitions, most popularly golf, tennis, and racing, use cup style trophies as the reward for a big win. However, the beauty and popularity of cup trophies in no way limits them to just sports, as they can be perfect to acknowledge just about any great accomplishment. These awards can also easily become all the more fancy and extravagant when they are made of crystal. Hit Trophy is excited to offer a new line of crystal trophy cups. There are several amazing styles most of which are available with multiple sizes to choose from. Choose a one with silver or gold accents, one with a black, rosewood, or crystal base, or one that has a matching top or one without.

Starting at the lower priced end, Item #CRY052 is a stunning crystal cup trophy with silver handles that has a crystal top, a silver support, and a black trapezoid-shaped base. The very next step up is Item #CRY039 and is a very similar style that instead has gold handles, a gold spindle, a black trapezoid-shaped base, but comes without the crystal top. Both of these items offer the exact same three size options; the smallest is 8.25” x 3”, the medium size is 9.5” x 3.25”, and the largest is 11.25” x 3.5”. Crystal Trophy Cup CRY051The next two sequential styles in our line of crystal cup trophies in way of price are completely made of beautifully patterned and etched crystal. The only one with a rosewood base is Item #CRY360M and it also comes in 3 sizes. The other style, Item #CRY381, has a more rounded style appearance and sits on a black base. All of these previous listed products are all under $100 and receive free engraving by our skilled design team.

Stepping it up another notch, Hit Trophy offers 4 more amazing styles that are priced over $100, but worth every penny. The styles that are in this price range and category are truly unique and with the exception of one (Item #CRY051SM) offers a completely different look than the previously listed crystal cup trophies. The other three styles are tall, sleek and smooth, and completely made of crystal including the base. Each of these crystal trophy cups not only receives the always free engraving but they are also shipped for free in a deluxe presentation box. If you have an upcoming ceremony or know someone that is long overdue for being recognized for their successes, order your personalized crystal cup trophy today. Whatever your price point or vision, you’re sure to find it at Hit Trophy. We are happy to help you along the way to finding the perfect style for you, start to finish.