Crystal Tennis TrophyHit Trophy has recently adjusted our catalog to include items for a historic, traditional sport: tennis. Why add tennis products now?

Well, tennis has become one of the fastest growing sports across the planet. A simple Google search for the word “tennis” proves that more and more people have started playing the game. According to one website, www.sportsblend.com, tennis ranks third world wide in popularity behind only soccer and cricket. Statistics from merchandisers support this claim. Active.com claims that the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA) has released data which shows that the sales of tennis products have experienced an increase of 43 percent from 2000 to 2008. In 2008 alone, tennis participation grew by 9.6 percent.

But the rise to a worldwide mega sport started well over seven centuries ago in France. The sport began with French royalty batting a ball with their hands. Much later, racquets were introduced. The modern game was created in the mid 1800’s with similar rules as today’s modern tennis. Then, the first Davis Cup took place in 1900. The idea of Davis Cup was conceived a year earlier by four members of the Harvard University tennis team, who wished to set up a match between the USA and Great Britain. Once the two respective national associations had agreed, one of the four players, Dwight Davis, designed a tournament format and ordered a trophy, buying it with his own money. The tournament was originally known as the International Lawn Tennis Challenge, but soon became known as Davis Cup after Dwight Davis’s trophy, which was designed by William Durgin and crafted by Rowland Rhodes.

Women's Tennis TrophyNow, like Dwight Davis before us, Hit Trophy is offering four trophies to celebrate victory in this historic, but increasingly popular sport. Items CRY1217 (for men) and CRY1297 (for women) are virtually the same accolade except one is for men and the other for women. A solid crystal column captures a 3-D player in mid serve in both items. “Tennis” runs in 3-D vertically up the side of the column. On the front bottom of the pillar, our engraving specialists will personalize the award with the winner’s name, date, and/or tournament. We will place up to three lines of type for free. Your cost is a mere $14.90, nowhere near the cost of the Davis Cup. We also now have two other crystal tennis trophies, items CRY217 (for men) and CRY297 (for women). These two trophies stand 2.5″ x 8.75″ and have a crystal tennis ball perched on top of
rectangular bodies. A 3-D player appears inside each award, and a cube shaped base supports the entire trophy and provides space for our engraving technologists to personalize the trophy. These two trophies come in a satin lined gift box for presentation to the winners. The engraving and the deluxe gift box are included in the price of $29.90. To view our complete collection of tennis trophies simply click this link.

So if your high school, university, or local tennis association has joined with millions of other people to play this game, check with us before purchasing an award for your group’s tournament. We are constantly updating and revising our catalogue to stay current with the needs and demands of our customers-YOU! Thank you, and visit us again.