At Hit Trophy we’re always looking for things that are new to our industry, but we’re even more interested in things that are just a little different than the average plaque or trophy. Two weeks ago we added a new line of trophies to HitTrophy.com and these items were both new and different. The items that we added were our new line of Pedestal Trophies.

If you’re fairly new to the trophy industry then you must be wondering what a pedestal trophy is. More or less, it’s a large resin sculpture of a specific sport or category that is placed on top of a rosewood pedestal base. The pedestal base also includes a large engraving plate that is perfect for any award that includes a lot of text and a school or business logo. The resin sculptures that are mounted on these pedestals are made of solid resin and they come painted in full color.

This new line is dedicated to mostly sports to choose from that include basketball, football and soccer to choose from. Again, I want to reiterate that these trophies come in full color so the basketball is orange with black lines, the football is brown with white lines and laces, while the soccer ball is coated with silver and gold colors. The sports awards are perfect for MVP awards, league championship trophies and they can also be given out to the coach for their hard work and dedication. We also offer a Gold Globe Sculpture Trophy that features exactly that, a gold globe. The Gold Globe Trophy is perfect for business sales awards or they could be given to the globe collector that you know for something different than what they have. Be sure to check out our complete line of pedestal trophies that are posted in our Sports Awards section and also our Globe Awards section!