We all know what happens to the majority of us when we are this far out from Christmas…we feel there is plenty of time to worry about gift purchasing later. However, it almost never fails that this procrastinating mindset results with it creeping up on us and leaves us all scrambling near the end. It’s never too early to start shopping here at Hit Trophy. Our vast selection and various designs of custom picture frames can get you way ahead of the game in regards to the individuals on your Christmas checklist. There are not many gifts out there that can give you the flexibility and diversity that comes with whom an engraved picture frame could be given to. You can be extremely close to the individual you are getting this gift for such as a family member or best friend, or be coworkers or more distant acquaintances; a personalized picture frame works perfectly every time. You just simply laser engrave whatever relevant and meaningful message that you wish and instantly turn it into a special lasting keepsake that will beautifully display a favored photo for that specific person on your list.

Wood Picture Frame with Rounded CornersYou can choose from amongst our numerous wood, metal, and glass frames which are available in the common picture frame sizes such as 4×6, 5×7, and 8×10. You can then decide if you want the frame to be vertical or horizontal and if you want 1 or all 4 sides of the frame laser engraved; the choices are all yours. Our wooden frames come in alder, walnut, and rosewood, but our most popular wood photo frame is the PTF346M. This frame is made with genuine red alder and one of the major draws to it is the fact that it has rounded corners to it. Like others you’ll find on our site, this one also has 3 different sizes to fit all of your normal photo sizes. We’ve had people use these for company Christmas gifts, sports team recognition awards and of course people have ordered them for friends and family.

If you’re more intrigued by the thought of a more contemporary metal frame, then the most ordered picture frame in that category is the LMF346M Black Metal Picture Frame with Silver Imprint. This item actually has three separate SKU numbers of LMF346, LMF357 & LMF3810 that fit the various sizes of any photo that you may be looking display. With it’s black color and shiny silver imprint, this particular frame is better suited for an area in a house or office that has a more contemporary décor.

Choosing between metal or wood can be hard enough, but if you can’t make a final decision between those then let usGlass Picture Frames GL315B GL315C suggest our most popular type of material, glass. We offer both vertical and horizontal styles of glass picture frames so that no matter how your photo was taken, it can be shown off in these contemporary frames. We’ve sold hundreds of these items and they’ve been used for so many different types of events, award ceremonies and personal gifts that it would be hard to define what they would be best used for. If there was one use that our customers ordered them for that stuck out in our minds, it would be for poems. People either copy or create poems for a specific photo that they have and have us laser engrave it for them. When people combine a meaningful photo with a heartfelt poem that is when these glass frames become more than just a gift…. They become a keepsake.

But if you’re more of a practical type of person and would like a picture frame that offers more function than just holding a photo or displaying a personal message, then maybe your photo belongs in one of our picture frame desk clocks. Right now we offer 3 different styles of these items that give you three elements to your purchase: a clock, photo frame and an engraving plate for a loving message or even a logo. Our BC530 Photo Desk Clock is one of our more beloved items in BC530 Photo Desk Clockthis category and we think it’s because of it’s attractive price of only $32.90 each. Not only does it have a low cost price, but it also comes with a lifetime warranty on the clock works as well! One final thing we would like to point out is that Hit Trophy’s expert design team sends out free emailed proofs of your free laser engraving so you can visualize the sizing, font, and layout before it is sent to production and lets you rest assured of any possible errors.

Okay…truth be told you may have a little time to look through our custom frames and decide on the exact details to add on the frame you’ll be getting for those on your list. It’s not time to be fretting just yet. But generally the waiting game with gift purchasing is only because you’re not sure of what to get, but once you look through these great frames that decision will easily be made. So you might as well just go ahead, order your personalized frame today, and get it out of the way so you can thoroughly enjoy all the Christmas season has to offer. Hit trophy also carries a large selection of great decorative frames that are great for weddings, family members & friends, welcoming baby, and the Holidays. To view our complete collection simply click on this link.