Bodybuilding & Weightlifting Trophies

Founded in 1946, the International Federation of Body Building & Fitness crowns a new Mr. Olympia every year. Although there are other body building organizations, IFBB’s Mr. Olympia is considered by most in the sport as the world’s top male professional bodybuilder. Presently, this sport has become one of the fastest growing sports in the world for men and women. Due to the growing interest in the sport, we have added numerous trophies for body builders and weight lifters. Our catalog currently holds eight different statues for body sculpting athletes and power lifters. Prices range from $55 to nearly $100. All of the trophies provide space for personalization, and our graphic artists will use laser technology to engrave names, dates, and competitions on to the awards. All engraving comes for free. So give those disciplined athletes who pump iron the recognition they deserve. Award them one of our trophies for their dedication to body building or weightlifting.

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  • Deadlift Trophy RFB086

    Deadlift Trophy

  • Female Bench Press Trophy RFB089

    Female Bench Press Trophy

  • Female Weightlifting Trophy RFB085

    Female Weightlifting Trophy

  • Bench Press Trophy RFB088

    Men’s Bench Press Trophy

  • Men's Bodybuilding Trophy

    Men’s Bodybuilding Trophy

  • Men's Weightlifting Trophy

    Men’s Weightlifting Trophy

  • Powerlifting Trophy RFB087

    Powerlifting Trophy

  • Women's Bodybuilding Trophy

    Women’s Bodybuilding Trophy