Cheerleading Awards

Have you ever heard someone say, “Cheerleading isn’t a sport”? Obviously, that person was not aware of some interesting facts. For example, cheerleaders suffer more injuries than any other athlete except for one: football players. In 2013, 37,000 cheerleaders were sent to the hospital after suffering an injury while competing. That’s more than hockey, soccer, and boxing! Cheerleaders are more likely to over train than most athletes. According to an article on Cheersafe.org, cheerleaders often train until they suffer from burnout, chronic muscle or joint pain, and illness or infections. Their dedication and discipline to train should be tempered by coaches, or the cheerleaders may suffer. Hit Trophy has a way to recognize your dedicated cheerleader. Our Cheerleading Trophy, item CRY1292, captures the spirit of cheerleading in 3-D. A solid crystal column encloses an etched image of a cheerleader with her pom-poms. We will even engrave it for free. Check back for additional cheerleading trophies.

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