Tennis Trophies

Tennis has to be one of the most intense sports to play because of the continuous starting, stopping, back and forth that each player goes through each match. Getting your body to go one way in one moment and then getting it to go back the exact opposite the next moment is the fastest way to cause exhaustion. Considering the effort that goes into this sport, there’s no doubt that each player should be recognized for their efforts and successes. Here are Hit Trophy, we have a great line of tennis trophies that can be fully personalized with each players name, their school and the award name that their being given. Our CRY217 crystal tennis trophy is our most popular item from this category as everyone loves the weight and the packaging that this accolade has. Customers also rave about the crystal tennis ball, the 3-D player and of course they customize the base with the award information. We have many other trophies to choose from, so be sure to search through this category and find the trophy that is right for your ceremony!

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