Gold Trophy Cups

For centuries, trophy cups have been given to victorious champions. Winners would drink from them in celebration. Today, many sports still award a trophy cup, most notably the Stanley Cup (hockey), the Ryder Cup (golf), and the Challenge Cup (rugby). We wholeheartedly support this longstanding tradition, and we offer a number of creative cups to help your local league celebrate. Our Gold Resin Trophy Cup and Frosted Panel Gold Trophy Cup fit the time-honored description of a trophy cup. They have two handles, wide bowls, and thin necks. For a more contemporary style trophy cup, we offer our Gold Trophy Cup with Logo Area and our Gold Crown Resin Trophy Cup. The first has no handles, but does provide a circular engraving plate, which is perfect for your school’s mascot or association’s logo. The latter cup is also sans handles and has a unique shape, more like a vase than a cup. All of our trophy cups come in a variety of sizes, and we provide engraving free of charge!

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