Walnut Plaques

Whatever the event or occasion may be that is leading you on a search for the perfect walnut plaque, it is sure to be found amongst this vast selection. Here you will find all sorts and styles including: sports, corporate, perpetual, military, and firefighter. Perhaps you’re opening a new store and you’re looking for a Groundbreaking Ceremony Plaque? If so, we’ve got one! Do you need something for a politician or celebrity who is visiting your city? If so, then our Key to the City Plaque would be perfect that that occasion! Or maybe you’re looking to recognize a lawyer, judge or someone who works in the judicial system. Clearly our Lady Justice Plaque with your words of appreciation for them would be a great award for them.

If our theme specific plaques don’t fit your needs then just select a generic one of your liking. You can pick between rounded corners or notched corners. Choose between matte finish boards or piano finished boards. And we even offer your choice of regular walnut boards or walnut frames to select from.  So enjoy the process of choosing the perfect walnut plaque out of the many shapes, colors, borders, plates, and engraving designs. Setups for your layout and engraving is always free when you order from Hit Trophy. And there’s no need to worry about our staff getting your design correct because we always email you a Digital Proof before we send your plaques into production. So order with confidence today and know that your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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