Firefighter Awards

Firefighters are professionals committed to saving the lives of others. At Hit Trophy, we offer many ways to show your appreciation to these amazing individuals. We have unique awards and gifts that feature the special tools of the firefighting trade, such as our Fire Trumpet (AT14 or AT15), Firefighter Bell (AT11), or Firefighter Bronze Axe Plaque (AT1819). We have traditional wood plaques featuring the Maltese Cross, timeless clock pieces, and beautiful castings of firefighters in action. If you are looking for something even more impressive, we have dramatic and lifelike firefighter statues. Choose an award made from whatever material best fits your needs: wood, glass, acrylic, or high-grade plated resin. With such a wide selection of firefighter gifts and awards, you will definitely find something to fit your budget. And, of course, here at Hit Trophy, we always include personalized engraving for free. Firefighters are guaranteed to feel honored and respected for their years of service, skills, and accomplishments when they receive one of these striking awards. 

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